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DVBeds Web Based Application

A Web Based Solution for DV Bed Tracking

  • Saves time and supports survivors
  • Automated shelter bed lookup and reservation system
  • Secure and simple to use platform
  • Enhances accessibility for survivors
  • Collaboration tool for service providers
  • Connecting service providers for better client outcomes
  • No fees for agency participation

A Family Place Innovation

DVBeds is useful in helping reduce the amount of stress clients experience by limiting unnecessary repetition of their trauma. If we are able to see on DVBeds that a shelter is currently at capacity, we can explore other options for the client and refer them to an agency that can provide immediate assistance.

Hotline Counselor

The Family Place Shelter Lobby

Origin, Growth, and Current Implementation of DVBeds

Origin, Growth, and Current Implementation of DVBeds
  • 2017 - The Family Place envisioned DVBeds to support the Dallas Police Department and community adoption of the Lethality Assessment Protocol
  • 2018 - Community planning in Dallas resulted in 7 domestic violence shelters to collaborate on Google Docs to improve the process
  • 2018 - Lyda Hill Philanthropies provides funding to expand the project for domestic violence shelter collaboration
  • 2019 - Software evaluation and analysis of alternatives conducted including GER and Safe Horizon NYC, etc. - selected
  • 2020 - DVBeds implemented with initial 7 domestic violence shelter in the Dallas, TX area
  • 2021 - Secured additional funding and increased participation to 25 Domestic Violence shelters and non-residential service partners, expanded to Houston, and began pilot with The Hotline.
  • 2022 - Organic growth with 30 domestic violence emergency shelters and 9 partner agencies (Legal, Rape Crisis Response, Non Residential Counseling)

Customer Testimonials

My on-going experience with has been phenomenal. The website is user friendly, easy to navigate, and has readily accessible location and contact information. After sharing this resource with our Advocacy Team, I received positive feedback and praise regarding how convenient and useful the website is. This new, progressive website has not only improved our turnaround time in assisting clients, but it has also increased our chances at successfully assisting our clients with finding shelter.

Anna Lewis, The Turning Point Plano, TX

The top 3 things I love most about DVBeds:

  • The ability to locate other shelters in a time of crisis
  • The calmness "I feel" through the phone when I can let a victim know that I have "other" resources to give them.
  • This platform gives us who are actually working "out in the field,  per se" the ability to put a POC name to someone at another shelter.
Allison Partridge, Celebrate Forever Families Kemp, Texas

Having real-time shelter bed availability means that our advocates can more quickly connect a survivor to shelter and enable their journey to a safer future without having to make multiples calls. This tool means advocates spend less time trying to find where shelter beds are available and more time on the lines supporting survivors.

Cheri Epps, The Hotline
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